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Turisme Barcelona y la Associació de Celiacs de Catalunya han firmado un acuerdo para promoverlo
  1. Barcelona quiere ser ciudad “gluten free”
  2. Barcelona quiere ser ciudad “gluten free”
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Haz click para imagenes de Barceloneta beach. Haz click para imagenes de Barcelona's Icària. Haz click para imagenes de barcelona catedral. Haz click para imagenes alredador Estadi de Olimpic de Barcelona. Haz click para imagenes de Plaça catalunya. Haz click para imagenes de font magic de Montjuïc. Gaudí - Casa Batlló. Local places of interest include futuristic Magic Fountain in the form of ellipse with lighting, music, and sometimes fireworks.

Barcelona quiere ser ciudad “gluten free”

A little further to the top of the mountain, we can find Montjuïc Park and Olympic area, as well as Montjuic castle, one of the most famous historic buildings in Barcelona. It was built in the th centuries to defend the city. During the course of the history the castle was seized several times: Nowadays it houses a military museum. At the foot of the mountain lies Plaza de España, one of the biggest squares in the city that was dedicated to the occasion of the World's Fair.

There are two meter tall Venetian Towers in front of the square and there is a gorgeous fountain decorated with Baroque style sculptures in the middle. Plaza de España in Barcelona serves as a symbol of the city's former greatness, and at the same time as a symbol of the modern city-state. It is a majestic symbol indeed!

Other great monuments of the 20th century include the Palace of Catalan Music, a fine example of Catalan modernist style, built by the architect Luis Domenech i Montaner, and the Agbar Tower, a modern story skyscraper though four of its floors are underground. The shape of the tower was inspired by water, spectacular shape of nearby Montserrat mountain, and by the bell towers of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This whole structure is made of metal and colored glass panels. Of course, every monument in Barcelona is unique, but each one of them can be attributed to a certain style.

Baroque fountains, Venetian Towers, modern buildings, and ancient Roman ruins can be found in many other cities across the globe. Without some additional information it's hard to pin point if you see photos from Spain, Italy, or, perhaps, the Czech Republic? However, each architectural masterpiece by Gaudi isn't like anything else in the world. All you need is to see one of his buildings, balconies, or "swirls", and you can instantly identify his style among many others.

There are several houses designed by Gaudi in other cities, but most of his legacy can be found in the capital of Catalonia. There are millions of pages written about this amazing architect — the founder of his own style that was unique only to him — no words can convey the essence of Gaudi's unique masterpieces. Gaudí spent his childhood by the sea, so all of his homes resemble a sand castle.

He thought that the sky and the sea make the best interior, and wood and clouds were perfect sculptural forms. Gaudi hated closed and regular-shaped spaces, avoided straight lines, and considered them man-made; whereas a circle was of divine origin. It's hard to describe the masterpieces created by the architect with such believes. You should see for yourselves. Our panoramas will show you some of his masterpieces: Park Güell , Casa Milà , and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona which is under construction for last years. In total there are dozens of structures created by Gauidi in the capital of Catalonia, and not all of them are buildings.

For example, in Park Guell, which occupies an area of more than 17 hectares, there are numerous houses and fountains, paths and columns that were created by Gaudi's powerful imagination.

Barcelona quiere ser ciudad “gluten free”

Let's have a more detailed look at Sagrada Familia. Although Gaudi was just one of the architects, it was his contribution from to that defined the current look of the legendary church. And even despite the fact that in a group of more than cultural workers of Spain demanded to stop the construction of the church according to them, the great architectural masterpiece fell victim to careless and clumsy restoration catered mainly to tourism industry , its unusual appearance has made it one of the main tourist attractions in Barcelona.

Even being under construction the church looks amazingly beautiful. The administration of Barcelona kindly agreed to remove all cranes from the Sagrada Familia construction site during our photo session. If you would like to see this place with cranes, you can open panoram 22 in our virtual tours. Since our panoramic views of Barcelona show you the city from a bird's eye view, it means that they reveal almost the whole city.

You can choose any Barcelona landmark or historical period you're most interested in and zoom in. Enjoy your virtual excursion! Read more. Open Gallery. What a wonderful, marvelous, great, beauty job. I wish to see your work about Colombia soon.

Esto es Barcelona - Bymiick 2017

Sure will be also excelent. Here also we have magic music, incredible landscapes. Let me invite all of you to enjoy them from now on. See you soon i wish. God bless you all.

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We were in July for 7 days in BCN. Thank you for these super panoramas. I was fortunate enough to go to Barcelona this summer. These views are fantastic and make it easier for me to share my travels with my family and friends. I am also a teacher and I can't wait to show my students real, 3-D, views of places we discuss in class.

Thank you so much for this fantastic resource! Beautiful pictures from Barcelona, but the music doesnt match with Catalonian culture.

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You put an Andalusian music. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia is not an Andalousian city. I guess it was a mistake. Curiously, why New York citizens don't write us? We have to change this music too and to post everywhere incitements to nationalism? Did we understand your thought correctly? Is there any way to download this so that i could view this when im offline. Hi Fazil. There is only one way to watch our panoramas offline: Barcelona is a fantastic city, but that music has nothing to do with Barcelona.

That is Andalusian music, like most of the "typical" things the world knows about Spain, though it is true that in many places in Spain, and especially in Barcelona, they "accept" it if there is an economic interest: Many Catalonians hate Spain, but they don't mind taking advantage of Spanish Andalusian I should say stereotypes if that means "money". Una ciudad absolutamente encantadora, preciosa, llena de historia y de gentes maravillosas. Barcelona fue durante un tiempo capital de España, Actualmente es capital de la Catalunya autonómica y si la situación política lo permite en un futuro capital capital de la nació catalana.

Catalonia is not Spain. Wrong music of this country According to Wikipedia, Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. I love your views!! Keep up the good work!! I would love to have such views from the Rocky Mountains and from the Volga River.

What a job you guys have!!! Hello, You are doing a super job, the images are absolutely beautiful and you almost feel like you are actually there!